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Let’s get your TechGroove Fest questions answered.

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Is TechGroove only for minority students and young professionals?

No TechGroove is not only for minorities but the companies who are sponsoring the event specifically want to increase the racial, gender, and sexual orientation diversity on their teams. So, while heterosexual cisgendered European-American men are able to join us as we celebrate diversity, the focus of the event is indeed for people of color to be granted opportunities to even the bias playing field.

Instead of just showing off new products or just having a stale career fair, or just having a musical concert or just having panels and workshops, we’ve decided that they should all be presented together in a cohesive experience. What’s more, is that we are an impact-driven company keen on tangible results, after it’s all said and done. To boot, no other technology and innovation festival east of the Mississippi river combines the aforementioned elements with millennials in mind.

“Recent grad” and “young professional”  are relative terms, but regardless of one’s age, we consider recent grad those who have completed their undergraduate degree less than 10 years ago. So on average recent grads would be between 23 – 33 years old.

Although we do our very best to make sure every attendee leaves with connections, confidence, and a career compass, we cannot guarantee that every attendee will leave with an employment opportunity on the table. However, if you attend a private reception dinner, allow us to spruce up your resume, and show up ready to build relationships, the sky’s the limit for the possible positive outcomes.

Reach out to us with your information regarding: age, gender, hometown location, phone number, music genre, and links to your social media and/or your music. Not everyone who submits to be a performer will actually be able to perform but we can guarantee we’ve had some big names before they got their big break, and we’d like to think our exposure to our audience gave them a career boost.

Reach out here with your information regarding: age, gender, area of expertise, the company you represent, a brief descriptions of the workshop or panel discussion and how it will benefit our students along with equipment you would need to conduct the workshop or panel.

TechGroove will be having 6 total events, from now until March 2019. In 2019 we will have our annual marquee event, TechGroove Fest in Atlanta, GA.

Tickets are refundable up to 1-week before any event. For example, if a $50 ticket was purchased for an event on December 20 2018, the purchaser would have up until December 13, 2018 to request a refund.

No, all events will not be at the same location. But rest assured all events will be in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, easily accessible by car, rideshare service, or public transit.

Currently, yes. TechGroove is only its 2nd year of existence. It was founded in ATlanta because the founders of TechGroove attended Morehouse College in ATL and TechGroove was initially thought of as a way to give back to their alma mater. In addition, ATL is the best location to plant the TechGroove Fest flag because of the talent pool available in ATL as well as the entertainment industry making some of the best musical experiences available right here!

We’ll be hosting multiple events for the remainder of 2018 and the 1st quarter of 2018. If you would like TechGroove to host a more private function at your school or job, please reach out here and we’ll explore mutually beneficial options.

Yes, financial aid will be available for students having trouble purchasing tickets. However, financial aid will be limited and the need must be proven and readily apparent.

Submit a sponsorship inquiry here. Check out our sponsorship deck here to learn more about the types of sponsorships that are available and how you can choose the right option for your needs!

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