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 Partner With Us

We connect Corporate & Culture. Authentically.

The TechGroove Value

Direct Access

TechGroove Fest creates pathways for mentorship, internships, and careers within the tech industry by actively engaging underrepresented tech professionals.

Reimagining Recruitment

Our platform simplifies attracting, engaging, and pre-screening diverse tech talent.  We provide the customized experience of a boutique staffing agency, saving money and time when introducing  leading tech companies to “the culture” of the talent they seek.

Cultural Resonance

TechGroove connects talented and tech-savvy professionals exposure to cutting-edge tech products and services in an environment aligned with their cultural taste.

Our Focus Is Underrepresented Talent

Our solutions are data driven, proven, and provide measurable results. TechGroove facilitates credible points of contact and direct access to employment opportunities and mentorship, making sure our diverse engineers, developers, designers, and managers are not lost in the sea of applicants.

Changing The Culture of Recruiting…

TechGroove Fest partnered with Mozilla in 2017, 2018, and 2019, to bring unique experiences to Atlanta-based tech professionals while introducing them to career opportunities at Mozilla. TechGroove is proud to align with Mozilla, a company on the cutting edge of technology and social-justice.

By Changing Your Routine

You know diversity is a boon to your company’s bottom-line and public image, but connecting with diverse audiences is often expensive and time-consuming. We provide the fast track to connecting with underrepresented tech talent that allows recruiters to know the tech talent beyond an electronic profile.

Become Our Partner

Our platform simplifies attracting, engaging, and pre-screening underrepresented tech talent. who meet with your brand while introducing each company to “the culture” of the talent they seek. Most importantly, TechGroove facilitates credible key points of contact, granting mid-level career engineers direct access to employment opportunities.